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About Mummy


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Mummy is a fully qualified English teacher and has taught in secondary schools for ten years. She is currently a stay-at-home Mummy to the 18 month-old Pickle and in-between looking after him, Daddy, the dog and two cats, also runs her own English Tuition business (Star Tuition), as well as this Blog and the Tactical Parenting Facebook Group (click here to join). Occasionally, she cleans the bathroom, but only when Daddy nags her for three days straight. If she had any spare time, she would be found curled up with a book and a glass of wine. You can also find out more about Mummy by visiting her Facebook Page The Tactical Mummy.



Tactical Mummy at her desk.

The Tactical Mummy


Mummy first started her Facebook Page ‘The Tactical Mummy’ back in February 2017. Initially her only readers were pretty much her Mum and her Mum’s friend, who to this day still support Mummy in everything she does, for which Mummy is very grateful indeed.

As she continued writing her online diary, Mummy discovered that a few others were starting to read it. And at that point, Mummy realised that she had a little following. Mummy therefore set up this website in July 2017, and officially became a ‘proper blogger.’ Mummy still isn’t sure what this means, but she is hoping that she will have a good deal of fun finding out!


What Is Tactical Parenting?


The name ‘Tactical Mummy’ comes from a conversation Mummy had with one of her very best mummy friends – she knows who she is. At the time, Mummy was bemoaning Pickle’s refusal to eat anything except beans on toast. Her friend confessed that that very evening she had resorted to feeding her son a ‘tactical’ peanut butter sandwich. To Mummy, that was what being a Mummy was all about. We all of us strive for perfection, but sometimes, along the way we fall short of our ideals. But if we see these moments, not as failure, but as a way of ensuring the survival of both our sanity and our little ones, then employing these tactics is surely a vital part of the immeasurably difficult but wonderful job of mummying? And this is how The Tactical Mummy was born.

Mummy can’t promise tips to solve parenting dilemmas, or arty crafty things to do with your miniature demons, but really just her everyday experiences. Also there will probably be a lot of mention of things like tampons, boobs and poo; don’t say she didn’t warn you.

Mummy also has a Facebook Group called Tactical Parenting. Come along and join the debate. Just click here to join.


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